Hi, my name is Lisa.  Join me as we create peace, space, and tranquility in our homes and lives.  I am passionate about sharing home decorating tips, organizational skills, and wellness strategies designed to simplify and promote harmony in the midst of your fast-paced everyday life.  

I am married to my best friend, we truly are soul mates.  My husband and I enjoy hanging out at our RV and boating on the lake in the summer. The quiet, and disconnect from the busy city while we connect with nature, revitalizes our souls and strengthens our relationship. I am the mother of three beautiful daughters, watching them grow up into amazing young women has been a true blessing in my life. 

I love to decorate and design, read, craft signs, and scrapbook.  Basically, I like to do anything that enables me to use the creative, right side of my brain.  I have a home yoga practice that keeps me centered and balanced while promoting wellness and a strong connection to the world around me.  I love running and find it a major stress reducer and just so fun.  I love hanging out with my best friends, the ‘sisterchicks’ who are near and dear to my heart. We can share anything and everything, we understand and do not judge, we encourage and build each other up and we also laugh so hard we cry. Life is good.

I work part-time as a medical office assistant for a busy family practice that specializes in obstetrics. Previously I have been employed at the University of British Columbia Southern Medical Program, as well as at an ophthalmologist and optometrist office. My passion for helping people has drawn me to employment in the health care field.  

It is this love of helping others that inspires me to write, share ideas and what I have learned along the way.  I want to guide you towards a balanced, peaceful home and life by keeping it simple and real.

I am excited to go on this life journey with you and I can’t wait to get to know you!

Smiles, from Lisagirl