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Create Space-Less Is More

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Although it may go against current mainstream thinking, Less is more!!!

A relevant strategy which helps to create a sense of peace and relaxation in our home and life is a ‘less is more’ approach. When decorating your home it is imperative to choose items that reflect your style and make you feel calm and joyful rather than trying to follow all the current trends.  There are times when the design trend suits your personal style and other times when it’s better to pass on spending your hard earned dollars and re-use what you have!

Take an honest look around your home, perhaps start with the room you and your family spend the most time in.  Is there free space and room to breathe? Do you have a sense of peace as you take it in or do you feel your heart race as you take in ‘2 much stuff?’

If you answered something like “I felt panicky and can’t believe how much I have accumulated” then this post is for you.

Do you ever donate items you no longer wear or use? Afterwards do you find yourself feeling lighter, like a weight is lifted? When we give away our possessions to those who need them, we truly are the ones who benefit by creating space in our life. It has to be better than leaving ‘stuff’ to gather dust in the back of our closets and cupboards, wondering when we will ever use them again.  On the flip side, have you ever found a much needed item at a thrift store? If you are not a thrift store shopper, can you recall a time when you received a gift that you so totally needed that it caused your heart to overflow with gratitude?

When we make room and create space in our homes we can relax, breathe and discover a greater sense of peace and gratitude. Furthermore, you will feel less stress and more relaxed when you take this ‘less is more’ strategy into your home decorating. Without a huge budget you can be your own interior decorator and make your home a peaceful place of your own.

Oh there are times when we are due for something new, perhaps our decorating style has changed completely or our home decor is starting to look like its been thru a war!  I love snooping and shopping for home decor items because if you know me at all, I am drawn to colours and designs.  Still I have found I can feel like I went shopping by following the steps below.

There are plenty of times we can use what we have, or simply change it up! One of my favourite renew strategies is to put home decor items away in a storage bin for a season or break. I love these Rubbermaid All Access Organizers. The drop down window keeps me organized as you can view the contents and remove items without un-stacking them. Woot!  Woot!  Love being surprised when I take out home decor items that have been stored away.  It is like ‘voila’ I have something new and fresh.

If you are not sure which home decor items to store away try these five steps.

  1.  Place all home decor items from a room of your choice in a rubbermaid bin for a week.
  2.  Start with a blank room much like an artist with a blank canvas.
  3.  Take out a third of the items, grouping them differently than you had previously and leave the counter, shelf or table that way for a week.
  4.  If you are still feeling super about the arrangement then leave it be!
  5.  Put out less items than you feel compelled to arrange on a shelf, ledge or counter.

As a result you will notice an overall sense of serenity in your home and others will find it inviting and soothing.


If you have ‘less is more’ strategies or want to share a story about donating, please drop me a line at lisa@lisadesignslife.com.

See you next time and until then…breathe, just breathe.

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Smiles from Lisagirl

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Posted March 22, 2017 by Lisa in Create Space / 10 Comments

10 responses to “Create Space-Less Is More

  1. Colleen Shonwise

    This is just the inspiration I needed to read. Sometimes we know what we need to do, but lack a plan on how we should carry it out. I love your idea of putting it all in containers and just taking out what we want. What an amazing and simple way of decluttering a room and making it peaceful and usable. Thanks so much for the ideas and motivation, Lisa!! 😊

  2. Great post and useful tips! We’ve just moved into a new flat, so it’ not overcrowded (yet), but I like the tip about putting decor items form 1 room away and re-arranging with only a third of them.

  3. I definitely agree that one of the best feelings is carrying off a big tub of items to be donated, it’s like a weight being lifted from your space! I really struggle with having too much stuff in one room. I love your suggestions for how to manage decor.
    xoxo, Sarah

    • Hi Ayana, it can be overwhelming to try to declutter all at once. Try breaking it down into a room or even just a closet at a time. Good luck!

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