Simply Organize Your Laundry Room

Simply Organize Your Laundry Room

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Hello and thanks for joining me today!  Let’s get simply organized together!!

This month’s simple home products will declutter your home by organizing your ‘hang to dry’ laundry as well as all those brooms, mops, and swiffers.  Do you have laundry hanging all over the place on laundry day, and maybe even a few days later….who has time to put it away? Are your brooms, mops, and swiffers stacked in corners in the closet, or falling all over when you try to get the broom out? Annoying!  Both of the products I am sharing with you today are basic in appearance, yet provide a perfect option to store and reduce clutter.

Instahanger – hang to dry clothes in your laundry room

The Instahanger for clothes can help busy wives, husbands, and moms every day.  There is always laundry to do, right?  It is a never-ending cycle, and is it just me or does it seem that more and more clothes are made to massively shrink when put in the dryer.  I think it is a ploy to force us to buy more clothes after we accidentally shrink them. Where do you hang the clothes to dry?  Hmmmmm, let me guess, on the shower rod, or you shove clothes over and make room in your bedroom closet, or perhaps hang the clothes over the stair railing.  The stair railing was my only hang to dry spot when we moved into our new home. Talk about adding a feeling of clutter and disorganization.

And how super is it when unexpected guests show up and you have your bras or other unmentionables hanging in the bathroom. Ugh right?

The instahanger will keep your laundry out of sight while it hangs, this allows air movement around each item to dry your clothes.  Install one or two of these instahangers in your laundry room to easily hang dry six to twelve items at a time. All you need are the clean clothes and hangers!

Creating space where everything has a place

will definitely decrease clutter in your home.

Simple Products to Organize Your Laundry Room

The owner of our previous home installed an instahanger in the laundry room, and after we moved I was lost without it.  Our new home has frameless glass showers and does not have a closet in the laundry room, I was left with little option except to hang my laundry to dry over the stair railing. Not only was it cluttering the living room and unsightly, but the moisture is not good for the wood railing either.  After sourcing out the exact same brand that was installed in the previous home, I was thrilled to find the Instanger on Amazon.

You can purchase it by clicking on this link Instahanger .  This product makes laundry day a bit easier, and with the installation in the laundry room, I can just close the door when company arrives!  The instahanger is super easy to install and folds back down out of the way and pretty much out of sight until you need it next. It is economical, well designed and sturdy, making it the perfect answer for organizing your ‘hang to dry’ laundry.

Evriholder Organizer – Declutter Your Laundry Room

The Evriholder Mop and Broom Organizer is an excellent choice to decrease the clutter in your laundry room. Lacking the space in the laundry room we installed this product on a wall in our pantry to hang swiffers, a broom, a dustpan, and even a Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop – if you don’t have one of these handy-dandy mops, you should! It works on all types of floors and is ready to clean when you are.

The organizer holds five items with a handle, or you can purchase an alternate model which also features six hooks for additional storage.  We use the hooks to hang our lunch bags, this keeps them out of sight yet handy for the morning work/school day rush. The holder manages to keep all sizes of items secure in its roller ball grip.  There is no fiddling when you want to hang or remove an item from its grip.  Simply lift the mop up and the Evriholder roller balls will release the handle like magic. To store it again simply put it in place between the roller balls and lower slightly, the holder grips the handle and you can walk away. I seriously love this product!

Start to declutter your home, install the Evriholder mop and broom organizer. I love it so much I ordered another one to install in the garage for rakes, tools, and outdoor brooms. What more can I say!

Simply Organize Your Laundry Room


Simple tools to help us organize, but heck ya, they work!!!!

Smiles from Lisagirl

Drop me a comment below or send an email with your ideas, what do need to organize, where would you install these products? Before you go, check out Amazon Prime and for free shipping and more.

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  1. Interesting product! I’d never heard of it before! We keep our laundry space organized with bins attached to the walls and lots of shelving!

    • Hi Kanani, great idea for organizing your laundry room. In a future post we will share other ideas 💡. Subscribe to be notified of future posts!

  2. I have similar types of organizers but i like how compact these ones are. I can see why these are great space savers. Wouldn’t mind switching to these…..

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