Yoga, Relax Your Muscles, Your Mind, and Unwind.

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Life can be busy, even hectic at times. You need the gift of Yoga in your tool belt! Your mind is stimulated with information all day long, you multi-task to finish your multi-tasks.  You work, you manage a household, you care for everyone around you, you give and give. You love and live.

Do you ever reach OVERLOAD? Yoga will relax your muscles, your mind, and unwind all of you.


You likely have been down the path to ‘overload’ in the past, maybe your are there right now as you read this post, and sadly you and I may head there again in the future. It’s a reality faced by anyone who lives in this busy world, the trick is to recognize your ‘overload’ and be aware of the best tools to combat it. A major defense to fight off that overwhelming feeling is to relax all the parts that make up YOU. The body and mind need to unite and work together towards the same goal.  The goal is to calm you down, unwind your muscles and mind, which in turn gives you a sense of peace and harmony along with increased strength and awareness.  Yoga goes a long way in reducing stress and promoting a healthy, daily focus by improving your mind-body connection. 

I am extremely picky when choosing a fitness or yoga instructor, veering away from those that go completely against who I am or what I believe in. Finances can also play a role in choosing a teacher, perhaps, you are like me, in that there isn’t always extra cash laying around to pay an exorbitant amount for a gym or online exercise membership. It can take a great deal of effort to source out and find an instructor who fits your criteria and budget.  And hey, if you have any suggestions of super on-line exercise instructors, please pop me an email with their link!

You might be thinking that yoga is not for everyone, and two years ago I would have agreed with you. Now though, it’s a complete 180 turnabout for me, and I totally KNOW that yoga is for everyone! We are all at different stages in our life and on a unique journey and the same goes with yoga. We are all at a different stage, therefore, we all need to choose and follow our own path but all the paths can include yoga.

Choosing to commit to a 30 day Yoga challenge changed my life. I can truthfully say that engaging in the practice of yoga is one of the biggest, life altering decisions I have ever made.  It has impacted my physical and mental well-being in a huge, positive and meaningful way. It wasn’t easy and I am still a total beginner but I LOVE IT! Having completed two plus years of yoga challenges and classes I can not imagine my life without yoga in it. I continue to see gradual changes in my physical fitness level and body strength and shape.  The benefits for my mind and soul are beyond phenomenal.

Following an exercise teacher on YouTube was previously not something on my radar.  I had the incorrect belief that only going to a local class with a teacher in the same room would be beneficial. Well not anymore. Now I can vouch that both have benefits and both are worth a try, whatever gets you exercising!

I can not say enough about the online instructor I practice with daily, her love for what she does comes across in each and every lesson, and her emails are inspiring. This holds true whether you are enjoying the freebie version, or whether you sign up as a member. This year Adriene even got her own app, you can check it out here- app, wow, so cool! Two years later I am still glued to her yoga classes. In January I completed the Yoga Revolution and simply fell in love with this sequence of classes.  I have chosen to repeat the Revolution again in March, and May, using these lessons every other day while incorporating another class on the opposite days. You can check out a ginormous selection of great videos at Yoga with Adriene.

Yoga Relax Your Muscles, and Unwind Your Mind

Reasons You NEED to Try Yoga:

-Build muscle strength.

-Increase your sense of balance.

-Improve flexibility.

-Increase your circulation and blood flow.

-Boost your immunity.

-Improve your overall health.

-Calm your nervous system and free your mind.

-Find a greater sense of peace and balance.

-Decrease stress levels.

-Increased copy skills for daily life.

-Gain a more positive outlook.

-Weight loss.

-Decreased migraines.

-Better sleep habits.

-Feel more relaxed, yet energized!

-Calm your nervous system and free your mind.

-Allow yoga to occupy any space you may have that is filled with anxiety, fear or negativity.


Yoga focuses on the mind-body connection in a way that reaches far beyond the physical benefits.  Yoga will give you the tools to tune in, and really listen to your body, enabling you to go farther than you ever thought possible.

Take it slow and find your way, seek out a yoga instructor that is right for your needs and make yoga a daily practice in your life.  Be prepared for greatness!

**Always seek the advice of your doctor prior to starting a new exercise routine.**

Try yoga and check back by leaving a comment below to share your experience with me and other readers.

If you already love yoga, give a shout out by leaving a comment below! For more tips on how to simplify and enhance your life and home; check out the ‘Create Space Challenge’, you can find the link at the top of this page! The challenge is designed to give you easy, attainable methods to create space in many areas of your life. I will be sharing quick action items focussing on letting go of what doesn’t serve you, making room for the good to move in, and allowing good to overflow and spill onto others.

And remember this quote from an awesome teacher:

“You are not expected to feel great when you step onto the mat.  If you are struggling with anything, I encourage you to listen to the sound of your breath. Show up for yourself. You will feel amazing when you step off the mat.” Adriene

Check out these yoga start-up products.  I recommend you invest in a  yoga mat and blocks then have your fave pillow and a blanket handy for your first class! Gradually add some other items to your practice as need. A neck pillow, yoga pants, along with essential oils are must haves for my practice. The eye pillow looks dreamy and is something I have to check out very soon and order using Amazon Prime for the free shipping!

      1. Yoga Mat
      2. Foam Blocks
      3. Blanket
      4. Yoga Pants
      5. Pillow
      6. Round Bolster
      7. Gaiam Eye Pillow Purple Batik
      8. (Breathe) Yoga Iyengar Bolster, Knee Saver
      9. Essential Oils
      10. Eye Pillow

Love and light are yours to spread. Lisa xoxo

Yoga, relax your muscles, mind and unwind.



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  1. I love Adriene’s videos. Great to relax after a stressful day at work, and now that I’m off for the summer, it’s nice to get some exercise in, too! Thanks for sharing your favorite materials, too!

  2. I love doing yoga but I recently lost all my routines I had saved. I’ve been looking for another routine to follow. I’m pinning this because I can’t wait to start doing my yoga again. Thank you so much for sharing?

    • Leslie, I would love to hear back from you after you check out her videos! I really appreciate how she offers alternatives for every level.

  3. I enjoy yoga because it helps keep me centered. It forces me to calm down and concentrate on what I’m doing with my body, and it’s so relaxing. I haven’t tried Adriene’s videos, but will check them out. I’ve done some routines from Yoga Downloads – they have a link to free online classes (at

    • Thanks for the info. about yoga website, I will have a look at that! I love hearing how yoga affects and influences people in such a positive way, thanks for sharing!

  4. Teresa

    I love yoga. I’ve always done it with a face to face instructor but I have wondered about following one on-line. I feel more confident about doing that now. Thank you.

  5. This is great and I can’t wait to check out this video! I could definitely use more yoga in my life but getting out of the house to do it isn’t always a possibility!!! Thanks for sharing and by the way your blog is beautiful!

    • Hi Brittany, I would love to hear what you think of the video after! It is handy to be able to exercise at home, great break when littlest ones nap! And thank you for the sweet comment about my blog. It’s a work in progress but coming along, one step at a time.

  6. Yoga can be so helpful and I have found some on YouTube that have helped me to unwind more than I would otherwise. Sometimes I have to be careful to not overstretch, due to neck/shoulder issues, but if I am mindful of that it proves to be a very positive experience.

    • I agree with you LeAnn, I have a previous neck injury which means I need to be even more aware of the cues from my body and not overdo it.

  7. I LOVE yoga. I enjoy doing hot yoga with my dad in a studio near our house weekly, but I follow Fightmaster Yoga’s youtube channel to do a night practice every night. Such a great way to stretch and relax after a long day!

  8. I’ve done yoga a few times and it’s definitely a lot tougher than it looks. The first thought I had when I was asked to join a friend at yoga was “How can I get a workout from stretching?” LOL Boy was I wrong!

    • No kidding hey, it can be a major workout. A versatile form of exercise that can be used to build muscle, tone, strengthen, and yet can be used for relaxation and self-care, self awareness. Another few reasons why I practice yoga every day!

    • Happy I could help Kristen! Writing it down has even been a good reminder for myself, when I feel tired or grumpy I can look at the list of why I do yoga and I hop onto the mat!

  9. Yoga is such a great way to cleanse your mind! I used to do it every day during the Fall & Spring semesters since my gym has group fitness classes, but I haven’t done it since getting out for the summer, and I really need to get back into the routine!

    • That’s the great thing about the challenges, a month’s worth of different yoga practices to keep you motivated. If you have been doing yoga for some time you might also like the Yoga Revolution!

  10. I recently got back into a regular yoga practice, and it was the best decision for me! But some weeks it is harder then others, I’m going to look into this challenge! Thanks for sharing!

    • Hey Danielle, I have to make it a priority setting aside time early in the morning and then just before bed. There are great exercises, stretches you can do even before you get out of bed or before you fall asleep. Maybe you could try that to start.

  11. Yoga is such a great form of exercise for your mind and body. It’s probably the only time where you zone out of the rest of the world and just focus on yourself. I also love the items you listed. Thanks so much for sharing this!

  12. These are some amazing tips. I love yoga and am just starting to go to classes and become more regular with my yoga schedule. It has so many health benefits. Thank you for all of the great recommendations for yoga products. Since I am still a beginner, these are so helpful!

  13. Yoga is seriously the best! I feel so much better both physically and mentally when I practice consistently. I’ve found an amazing studio that I absolutely adore and I’m so thankful for that.

  14. I started doing yoga about a year or so ago and now I do Piyo which is a combination of yoga and pilates. It’s so relaxing and makes working out fun.

  15. I need to get back into my yoga practice. I feel a difference when I do wake up and do yoga! Thanks for inspiring me to get back on the mat!

  16. Yoga is the ultimate way to escape through any problem physically as well as mentally. It not only increases your physical well-being but also works great for your mind! Really great points you’ve mentioned.

  17. I plan to urge both my daughters to try yoga. One suffers with anxiety, the other with IBS. I just need to figure out how to motivate them to try it.

    • Hi Rebecca, let me know if I can be of any help to assist you. I have auto immune illnesses and yoga has been super healing for me. I would be happy to share some of my story with you or them. Hugs, Lisa

  18. Today yoga is not much of philosophy, but the way of living and sometimes a lifestyle. It is adapted to the western-minded people, so it is now for everyone and can be really helpful to live a stress-free life.

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